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Cremated remains missing from Oak Ridge cemetery | News

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Cremated remains missing from Oak Ridge cemetery


An Oak Ridge cemetery has discovered the remains of nine people are missing.

Oak Ridge Memorial Park officials believe the theft actually happened back in 2012, when they knew the cremated remains, called cremains, of two people were stolen. Now they've determined nine additional cremains were taken.

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The cemetery says they took a closer look after it was reported the cremated remains of 40 people were stolen from two cemeteries in Knoxville--Highland Memorial on Kingston Pike and Highland West on Sherrill Boulevard.

For now, Knoxville Police do not think the two thefts are related.

David Sansom walks around the grounds of Oak Ridge Memorial Park every day. This week, something left a bad taste in his mouth.

"I have never seen anything remotely like this," said Sansom, the director of family services at the cemetery.

After searching through the different cremation benches and columbariums around the cemetery, they found nine were missing.

"We are just stunned by the whole thing. You know it's just a thing you know these days you would think this wouldn't happen. You would think that nobody would do something like this," said Sansom.

Since 2012, the cemetery has increased security. They closed off other entrances, put up a strong gate, and installed security cameras.

"What I don't want is for people to worry about their loved ones here. They are taken care of and since we put up the gates and the cameras, we have not had any incidents that we are aware of," said Sansom.

Sansom hopes they will find justice for the families who had to lose their loved ones twice.


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