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No back pay for fired Y-12 security officer | News

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No back pay for fired Y-12 security officer

The security officer fired over the Y-12 break-in said he lost his arbitration case, which means he won't get back pay.

Kirk Garland was the first person to spot the three protesters who broke into the Y-12 Security Complex on July 28, 2012. The trio, who called themselves the "Transform Now Plowshares," vandalized the property to protest nuclear weapons.

BACK STORY: Fired Y-12 security officer tells his side of the story

On that day in 2012, Garland said he had the situation under control. He called for back-up and made contact with the group. When his colleagues arrived, they arrested the protesters.

Garland said his supervisors were complementary of his work at first, but then 10 days later, he was fired over the situation. The security officer said he felt Y-12 used him as a scapegoat for security issues at the plant that existed before the break-in.

When he worked at Y-12, Garland said he made $85,000 per year. After he was fired, he lost his home, his car and insurance. Garland has since took a job with the Morgan County Corrections System.

Garland said he doesn't have an option to appeal. He considered filing a civil suit, but lawyers told him the costs would start at $25,000 to $30,000, an expense Garland said he can't afford.

For now, Garland said he hopes to close that chapter in his life and look to the future.


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