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Oak Ridge hosts national rowing competitions

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National initiative helps Clinton revamp its 911 center


(WBIR- Anderson County) A national initiative is helping Clinton's 911 dispatch center get an overdue upgrade. It's happening for the first time since 1997, according to Chuck Peters, Clinton dispatch supervisor.

Clinton PD nab burglary suspect, working to identify recovered property


A Georgia man is facing multiple charges after police say he stole jewelry and other property from several homes in Anderson County.

Anderson County gets 35 indictments for drug round up

(WBIR) Between Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon this week, the Anderson County Sheriff's Office arrested 17 of the 26 people recently indicted in that area on drug related charges.

The indictments came after several months of investigations by the Sheriff's Office. Authorities said the majority of the charges are related to selling or possessing illegal prescription drugs, as well as marijuana and meth.

All but seven of the people were charged with prescription narcotics offenses, according to the Sheriff's Office.

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Thousands of rowers in Oak Ridge for national championships

(WBIR, Oak Ridge) - More than 1,000 rowers are in Oak Ridge this week for the U.S. Rowing Club National Championships.

Time trials and heats started Wednesday morning on Melton Hill Lake.

The competition hasn't been held here since 2010, but it is back this year bringing thousands of people to Oak Ridge. Oak Ridge Rowing Association officials said every hotel room in Oak Ridge is full, the restaurants are packed, and this event is bringing lots of money into the city.

Oak Ridge becomes green power community

(WBIR) Oak Ridge is officially the EPA's first Green Power Community in the southeast.

The city earned the designation after its campaign kicked off in April. The city got more than 300 customers to make the green power switch to more renewable sources like wind or solar energy. Those customers pay an extra few dollars each month.

Now more than 800 people in the city are green power customers.

Those customers also helped put TVA in the top ten nationally for green power sales.

Parents concerned over expanded walk zones


Oak Ridge parents are speaking out after the school district announced changes to school bus routes. The school board expanded the distance of walk zones from each school.