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Blankenship Field bleachers almost game-ready

With kickoff for the high school football season just weeks away, fans heading to Oak Ridge's Blankenship Field will be greeted by a new set of stands.

Maintenance crews have laid down the gradework. Now, it's up to a contractor to put together the actual bleachers. While the home stands are in proper working order, it's the visitor's bleachers that needed some work. That's because they were deemed to be a danger to spectators over the years. Now, school officials believe those concerns should disappear.

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Attorneys for Y-12 protesters file appeal

Attorneys for three peace protesters who were convicted of sabotage after they broke into the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant in Oak Ridge have filed an appeal.

Sister Megan Rice, 84, was sentenced two three years in prison, while her companions, Greg Boertje-Obed and Michael Walli were given 5 year sentences.

Fake cop pulls over woman in Anderson County

Authorities in Anderson County are looking for a man who may be impersonating a police officer.

According to the Anderson County Sheriff's Department, a woman driving on Laurel Road near Clinton Monday night was pulled over by a car with a flashing red light on the dash. The man asked her for her driver's license and to search her car. When she received a call on her cell phone, he told her she was "free to go" and left.

The woman drove away and called the sheriff's department.

Pastor's online post leads Oliver Springs couple to adopt 4 kids


(WBIR) This weekend is a family's first together in East Tennessee. An Oliver Springs couple just gained custody of four children, all at once.

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ORNL cancels 'southern accent' class, apologizes


(WBIR) After a backlash from employees, Oak Ridge National Laboratory decided to drop a class that teaches how to minimize a southern accent.

1,000 new jobs coming to Clinton automotive plant

ID=13184933(WBIR) An automotive parts manufacturer announced Friday that it plans to invest $80.5 million to build its third manufacturing facility in Anderson County, which will create 1,000 jobs.

Oak Ridge family adopts orphan with Down syndrome

(WBIR-Oak Ridge) Almost three years ago a couple in Oak Ridge adopted a little boy from Russia. He faced a bleak future there because he was born with Down syndrome.

Meet James Ivan's new sister.

She is all girl. Big sister Amelia painted Connie's fingernails.